There are many helm chart available on internet. I prefer to use from because i see the stack always updated/maintained. From there i found 2 most used choice : ELK Stack, and Loki + Prometheus + Grafana Stack.

In ELK Stack, filebeats used to collect log from pod that stored in node filesystem. We may use logstash if we want transform the log. The log will be send to elasticsearch. Kibana will use visualization data that originated from elasticsearch. For installation, we must install stack and configure filebeats, logstash (optional), elasticsearch, and kibana one by one. Although the configuration…

Default session mechanism in php is locking/blocking. For example there are 5 request from same client/people (with same session id) concurrently that use session. All 5 request cannot run concurrently, but rather only one request running, the other waiting until the other request with same session id done (queue).

The purpose is to avoid race condition. For example there is a session variable named jk that count total item in cart. User add item a and b. In the beginning, there are 10 item. After added by 1 item a, and then 1 item b, the total item became 12…

Origin :

For simple application, NoOps can be a good choice because no extra dedicated (human) resources to manage infrastructure. App Engine offer deployment solution only with uploading source code to app engine, and the application will deployed and app engine automatically managed auto scaling, logging, monitoring, versioning, environment, etc. Beside that, app engine is packaged with object storage, cache (memcached) that also offer free tier within a limit.

There are 2 type in app engine. First, standard environment which our task only uploading the source code. The scaling is faster and cheaper. But this environment only supported by the language/runtime version…

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